Cybersecurity Awareness Month: SMB Edition

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During the month of October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds us of  category of crime tht continues to inflict companies and taxplayers with damages amounting in the billions of dollars every year. The only way to future-proof your business is by staying up to date on the latest threat landscape. To help you, here are five [...]

5 Vulnerabilities to your Company’s network

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5 Vulnerabilities to your Company’s network. Cybersecurity defenses must constantly evolve to meet new threats. To do so, IT executives must keep up with a lot. The good news is that many threats — even sophisticated ones— are preventable. Here are six common threats and the tactics IT departments are using to combat them: 1.) Unsecured [...]

Xagent, Malware for MACs

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by Matt Haring The group behind one of the largest cyberespionage campaigns in history has been targeting Mac users with malware designed to steal passwords, take screenshots, and steal backed-up iPhone data. This malware, discovered by cyber security researchers, is thought to be linked to the APT28 group, which was accused of interfering in the United [...]

Yahoo Hack – What you and your users need to know

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Yahoo announced that 500 million of their accounts were hacked and are sold by internet criminals. Bad guys are going to use this information in a variety of ways. For instance, they will send phishing emails claiming you need to change your Yahoo account, looking just like the real ones.   Here is what I [...]

Why is content filtering important?

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by:  Matthew Haring Content filtering is a program that help system administrators decide which content is acceptable for viewing and accessing. The content filters prevent people in the network from accessing certain types of material (content) on the internet. Content filters are majorly used by businesses and organization to block access non-work related websites including [...]