Homeland Security Warning About Phishing As A Threat to 2020 Elections

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U.S Department of Homeland Security is warning top state election officials nationwide to safeguard against fradulent emails targeting state and local election.These emails appear as if they come from a legitimate source and contain links that, if clicked, will open up election data systems to manipulation or attacks.

According to the the offical, the nation’s decentralized voting systems remain especially vulnerable to emails that can trick unsuspecting workers into providing access to elections databases. “We know that phishing is how a significant number of state and local government networks become exploited,” he told scores of secretaries of state gathered in the New Mexico capital city. “Understanding your organization’s susceptibility to phishing is one of the biggest things you can do.”

Email phishing schemes haunted the electoral landscape in 2016. A canidates campaign chairman fell for trick emails on his personal account. Which allowed hackers to steal thousands of messages about the inner workings of the campaign. As a result, those phishing emails also allowed them access to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s networks.

The complexity and interconnectedness of the attack surface makes it extremely difficult to prevent these attacks from getting through, and it increases the damage that attackers can cause once they succeed

Attackers use phishing because it works so well, and there’s no limit to the number of attempts they can launch. New-school security awareness training is one of the best defenses against phishing, because it addresses the actual target of the attack.  Click here to find out how RCG can help your organization stay safe against cyber criminals

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