A recent report found that ransomware bundles are being sold over the dark web for a pretty hefty, but still very addordable price (around $750).

These bundles offer 2018’s most notorious and devestatingly damaging forms of ransomware strains, including SamSam, Magnibar, Satan, CryBrazil, and more! Cybersecurity researchers from top cybersecurity firms, have discovered the rasompack and called it an “extraordinarily rare finding”.

One researcher commented how “this is the first time in which he’s ever seen an underground vendor selling an attack kit of ransomware…variants.”

Although, this bundle sells with instructions and information on how to use the strains to deploy attacks successfully, it is not for the amateur hacker. Cybercriminals must still be skilled enough to know how to implement the strain in scripts of code.

This prominent availability and easy accessibility of ransomware kits serves as an unsettling reminder that cybercriminals have plenty of resources to use to their advantage. Meaning, a bundled kit such as this, hackers have plenty of options to choose from in terms of which ransomware to use for carrying out their attack. If one ransomware strain fails to work, there still remains other strains that can properly infect computers.

Having SamSam ransomware included in the bundle is an unexpected surprise, as it had only been used by a unique group of cybercriminals.

According to researchers, “scammers sometimes try to sell something they don’t really have…but in this case, this actor has good feedback on the forum which makes them seem reliable and credible.”

The dark web’s forum post for this ransomware bundle reveals that the pack is to sell only up to 25 units, after which it will be removed from the site. There was no explanation offered for the limited sale.

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to do the most damage in order to make the most profit at your expense. Don’t be a victim of ransomware.

Stay Safe.