Phishing Attacks Go Mobile

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Phishing Attacks Go Mobile as Cybercriminals Leverage Push Notifications Taking advantage of of the deep-seated trust in mobile content, bad guys are using phishing text messages and look-alike sites to trick users into giving up their credentials. What happens is, you will get a text from “Microsoft” stating your Office 365 password has expired with a [...]

The Difference Between Diaster Recovery & Backups

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Let’s start with some definitions: Disaster Recovery (DR): A strategic security planning model that works to protect a company from the effects of natural or human-induced disasters, such as a tornado or cyber attack. A DR plan aims to maintain critical functions before, during, and after a disaster event, thereby causing minimal disruption to business continuity. [...]


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We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of DCS Computer Services of Davenport, IA. Please read the attached Press Release to learn more about the acquisition and what will happen within the next 3-6 months at RCG. This is an exciting time for everyone involved with the businesses. We appreciate the continued support and [...]