RCG delivers a cost-effective global management solution that reduces staffing requirements, speeds up deployment, and lowers the cost of delivering services by centralizing the management security policies. This solution allows customers to easily conform to a wide range of compliance requirements including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and more.

More on Compliance

If your organization is in the healthcare field, it is absolutely critical that you have the right tools and policies in place to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. The need for specialized industry insight and knowledge of regulations and technologies is greater here than in most verticals – RCG is here to help you at every step of the way!

RCG provides a bevy of tools designed to ensure compliance with all healthcare regulations. These tools include a HIPAA assessment tool, to automatically produce the reports you need to demonstrate compliance, and customized Business Associate Agreements.

In 2006, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, American Express, and Discover established the PCI Security Standards Council, a 3rd party entity, to manage the Payment Card Industry security standards and to promote the standard’s implementation by all companies (i.e. merchants) that accept credit/debit cards including all Retail merchants, Internet merchants, and MOTO (mail or telephone order) merchants.

Chances are high that your organization falls under one of these categories and you need a technology partner that understands the various PCI compliance obligations.

As cyber-attacks on financial institutions become more and more prevalent in national headlines, consumers want to know that their personal information is being protected.

‘Despite coming in third in overall security incidents, [the financial sector] came in first in number of incidents leading to a confirmed data loss, almost three times more than the second place industry.’ – Databreach Investigations Report 2016

FINRA guidelines lay the ground work for cybersecurity practices that protect financial institutions and consumers.  Given the evolving nature, increasing frequency, and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks – as well as the potential for harm to investors, firms, and the markets – cybersecurity practices are a key focus for FINRA.

FINRA also reviews a firm’s ability to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive customer information. This includes reviewing each firm’s compliance with SEC regulations.’

RCG can help interpret regulations and protect institutions from facing cyber security attacks. We work side by side with members of the financial sector to create programs that adhere to financial regulatory authorities. Our services stem into three categories, Cyberdefense, Advanced Threat Detection, and Compliance.