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When you set your business goals, the last thing limiting your potential should be your technology. Accomplish everything you have planned by choosing IT support from RCG, your proven and trusted technology provider.

At Rouse Consulting Group (RCG), we provide the IT support you need so you can focus on driving your business towards reaching your goals.

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IT Support that Helps Your Achieve More

Why allow your technology to hold you back from what you could be accomplishing? RCG provides the IT support and solutions you need.



Remove the weight of technology worries from your shoulders. We can carry your:

– Server & Network Monitoring
– IT Helpdesk Support



Governmental compliance regulations are in a constant state of flux. We remain abreast of pertinent changes to ensure your continued compliance. We’re experts in:




Fortify your organization inside and out with our full spectrum of security solutions. We also offer:

– Security Awareness Training



Simplify your communication and collaboration concerns with our expertise. We specialize in providing efficient:

– Data Backup & Recovery
– VoIP Phone Services

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Proactive Email Security

Proactive Email Security

Proactive Email Security: Understanding DMARC, DKIM, and SPF   In our digital landscape, ensuring that your emails not only remain secure but also reliably reach their intended destinations is a common challenge. Each day, millions of emails are exchanged, many...

Who’s In Your Network?

Who’s In Your Network?

Unveiling the Business Risks of Weak Cybersecurity    In an undeniably tech-driven era, businesses rely more on interconnected networks and digital infrastructure more than ever before. As we welcome the advantages of digital transformation, the importance of...

Combat Business Email Compromise Risks

Combat Business Email Compromise Risks

Business email compromise risks (BEC) are a long-standing and ever-evolving threat that targets individuals and companies alike. These scams often rely on tactics that play off real-world events or established interpersonal relationships to trick their victims into...

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